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What is menopause in Chinese Medicine?

Once upon a time, in a magical forest, there was a small kingdom called the 'Kingdom of Vitality.' This kingdom was famous for two magical forces known as 'Jing' and 'Yin.' Jing represented the energy of life, while Yin maintained the cool and tranquil essence of the kingdom.

The king of the Kingdom of Vitality was incredibly wise and powerful. However, as time passed, the king aged, and the magical forces of Jing and Yin began to weaken. With the decline of Jing, the king and the people of the kingdom became tired and lacked vitality. As Yin diminished, the kingdom became hotter, and the people struggled to sleep at night, sweating profusely.

To solve this problem, the wise wizards of the Kingdom of Vitality gathered and said, "To restore the king and the kingdom to health, we must balance the forces of Jing and Yin." So, the wizards set out to find special magical herbs, involving various animals in the forest on their unique quest.

The wizards discovered magical herbs like the 'Vitality Tree,' the 'Tranquil Flower,' and the 'Cool Stream Water.' They brought these herbs back to the kingdom and created a special tea. When the king and the people drank the tea, they gradually regained their energy, and they could sleep comfortably at night.

Moreover, the wizards advised the people to take daily walks, eat delicious and healthy food, and learn ways to reduce stress. Following this advice, the Kingdom of Vitality regained its vigor and peace.

Since then, the Kingdom of Vitality has overcome any challenges, and both the king and the people live healthily and happily. The end!

This story was created to simplify the understanding of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine related to menopause. The changes that the king of the 'Kidney Kingdom' experiences as he ages symbolise the symptoms of menopause, while the methods of treatment by the magicians show how traditional Chinese medicine treatments approaches this condition.

We love helping women transition more smoothly through menopause. In fact it is one of our expertise. Schedule an Initial Examination today to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one, naturally.

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