The journey of the health of a human being starts from before they are born. It begins with the health of their biological parents. This is the reason that preconception care is essential for all couples.

Ova (eggs) are susceptible to damage for roughly 100 days before ovulation, while sperm formation can take up to 116 days. It is recommended that both partners undertake a preconception program for a minimum period of four months immediately preceding any attempt to conceive.

Preconception health care can improve fertility in both men and women, and help to increase the likelihood of: a normal, healthy full-term pregnancy (chances of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth is minimised); a natural un-medicated birth; successful breastfeeding; and, a happy, healthy baby as well as minimising the incidence of birth defects and postnatal depression.

Your preconception care may include:

  • Regular acupuncture treatments

  • Safe, gentle and effective herbal medicine 

  • Eastern dietary advice based on your body type

  • Eastern lifestyle advice to reduce stress, promote good energy flow

  • Things to avoid such as extreme exercise, coffee, alcohol, hormone-fed meat, toxic chemical use

  • Treating underlying conditions which may potentially block a healthy conception journey

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