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Digestive System Support

Your digestive system

The importance of the digestive system is highlighted throughout the entire history of Eastern medicine. It is where the body absorbs and distributes nutrients to the appropriate places, thus providing the basis of nourishment to every single cell. 

Because it is the first system to receive food from the outside world, it is the first to respond to any contamination of the things we eat. So you will notice that you or your family members may easily feel indigested, burpy, bloated or develop tummy aches with various foods and drinks. 

It may feel normal that your body is doing the right thing by causing uncomfortable symptoms with the wrong foods, however, it may also indicate damage of parts of your digestive system that makes it more susceptible to tummy upsets than others. The body can also have difficulty in removing and recovering from contamination and toxin build-up from the things we consume, so in this case you may need additional assistance to make sure that your symptoms are not decreasing your quality of life.

We are easily prone to contamination of viruses, moulds, chemicals, parasites, bacteria and the toxins released by them, and are constantly exposed to it from our food and environment. So it is important to check-in with your digestive function and give it a good cleanse regularly to prevent the damage spreading to other organs of your body.

Common types of digestive issues include:

  • Frequent bloating and burping

  • Excessive gassiness

  • Tummy pains and upsets

  • Indigestion

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Heartburn or reflux

  • Constipation, or slow bowel motions

  • Diarrhoea or loose stools

  • Lower abdominal pain

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