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Herbal Pills

If you don't enjoy the taste of herbal teas made from granules, pills are another excellent option. Small in size, and easy to swallow.

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Herbal Granules

Formulas are specifically tailored to you! Another convenient method to assist restoration of your health. Just mix these natural herbal powders in a cup of warm water, and drink it like a healthy tea! 

What is it?

Used independently or in conjunction with Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine consists of many of the same plants that are also used to produce Western pharmaceuticals.

The thing that makes Chinese herbal medicine so powerful is the philosophy behind the diagnosing and prescribing process, and the action of each individual herb. The practice assists to approach your health and disease from an entirely different perspective. It is a cohesive, intricate and internally consistent system of healthcare developed over a period of 4,000 years from practical experience, testing and close observation. 

Chinese medicine philosophy takes a holistic approach when observing and diagnosing a patient to understand the disease, its progression and root cause. We recognise that all individuals manifest with their own unique signs and symptoms of disease, and depending on the presentation of the patient, we modify traditional formulas by adding or taking away particular herbal substances to match the individual and their condition. This process continues throughout the treatment over as much time as the individual needs, until the desired health outcome is achieved. There are over 450 individual herbal substances commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine today.



Quality Alternative Medicine
At Healing Tree Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, we only use and prescribe the highest quality herbal products that are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).  They have been through rigorous testing for safety and quality, and are free from sulphur dioxide, pesticides, heavy metals & aflatoxins

​Chinese herbal medicine is extremely safe, especially in comparison to Western pharmaceutical products, with little to no side effects.

Traditional Ingredients for the Modern World

Eastern Medicine is constantly developing to provide high quality and accessible medicine for patients all around the globe. Our herbal medicine does not require long hours of preparation and is so convenient for everyone to consume.

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