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5 Easy Ways to Support Your Digestive System

In Eastern medicine, the digestive system, especially the stomach and spleen organs are one of the most important ones to protect and support. Anatomically, they are basically in the centre of the body, and pertain to the Earth element, which is quite neutral and often the centre of the five elements/properties of nature.

Many schools of Eastern medicine place great emphasis on restoring the stomach and the spleen organs, in order to properly treat diseases. It is quite relevant to diseases of the modern day world, because we are overflowing with processed and quite toxic foods which lead to a myriad of conditions.

In clinic, we also see this being true. When patients present with such a variety of patterns and symptoms, it can place us in a dilemma of what to address first. So a lot of the times, we work with correcting the digestive system, and in many cases, this produces a ripple effect and leads to a reduction in many symptoms that seem unrelated at first glace.

So today we're here to share 5 top tips to protect your digestive organs in Eastern medicine!

1. Keep your abdomen warm and covered in general. It is crucial that we are keeping our bellies warm to ensure blood is flowing to the organs smoothly.

2. Dedicate your time to eating. This means that if you are eating, focus all your attention on it. Don't look at your phone, scroll through facebook or watch a video. This diverts our body's attention away from digesting, and it can easily lead to us swallowing too quick, and overeating.

3. Chew at least 30 times for each mouthful of food. Chewing is the first step to proper and good digestion. We must chew plenty of times to break food into more digestible parts and mix with the saliva to lessen the workload of the stomach and spleen.

4. Try to drink room temperature water or even warm water instead of icy cold drinks. Cold will constrict the vessels and harden fat, which means more difficulty in digesting or functioning of any of your organs + easier to gain weight.

5. Everything in moderation. This includes eating portions, ratio of different kinds of foods, and flavours. You don't want to be eating too much or too little, too much meat and not enough veggies, not too sweet and not too spicy.

Are any of these tips already a part of your daily eating habits? Let us know in the comments!

As always, stay healthy and happy!

Healing Tree x

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