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Eye-love Tea

In a world where we cannot do our daily activities without using the computer or smartphone, it is no wonder that even people in their 10s, 20s, 30s  are already feeling the symptoms of redness, itchiness and dryness of the eyes. Eventually, those just reaching their 40s would already feel a reduction of their eye function. In Oriental Medicine, the eyes are closely related to the liver, and heat rising from a dysfunctional liver can cause problems with the eyes. Therefore, foods that cool the heat, and moisten the eyes can be great for all eye issues. Now what a great time to introduce some teas to do exactly that.

Tea number 1: Cussia Seed Tea

For eyes that water frequently, or hurt and have redness, this tea is great to prevent dry eyes. You can find these at the Asian groceries.

How to make: 1L + 10g of cussia seed, boil and drink

Note: due to the very cool nature of this seed, it can weaken the function of the intestines, so please avoid if you are sensitive to the cold.

Tea number 2: Goji Berry Tea

Boosts immunity and anti-oxidising so great for the winter when your immunity needs to be strong. Also nourishes the eyes to relieve tired and red eyes.

How to make: 20g of Goji berries + 2L of water. Boil on low heat for 30-40 minutes.

Tea number 3: Camomile Tea

Function to relieve headaches, fatigue of body and eyes. Especially those who look at screens for a long period of time will find it useful for tired eyes and headaches.

How to make: 1 tsp of dried camomile flowers + 250mL of boiling water in teapot or cup. Cover and steep for about 3 minutes.

Additional tips for problems of the eyes:

  • Regular eye exercises in-between screen use

  • Avoid instant foods, oily foods, alcohol and coffee as they cause heat to build up in the liver.

  • Drink your teas when you feel symptoms are coming on!

​With love, Healing Tree

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