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Sciatica through Eastern Medicine lens

How is sciatica viewed in Oriental Med?

A certain movement in only one direction, or lack of movement, causes the muscles to stiffen up in a particular way. Nerves that run between muscles become squashed, causing a painful sensation.

​This also leads to lack of circulation of blood, energy and fluids running in our body, which causes blockage in the system and channels, and ultimately pain.

Poor circulation in your body in general can also lead to people becoming prone to these types of painful conditions, as well as other internal issues. That's why we ask about the health of your entire body, and not just the pain, because you are a whole being.

What we can do for you

  • Take a comprehensive  medical history during your consultation

  • Consider underlying imbalances of the body which may contribute to your sciatica

  • Give you a relaxing and gentle acupuncture treatment for your total health, which also has great effect on your pain

  • We may suggest natural herbal medicine to shorten your treatment period, and get you better as soon as possible

  • Teach you great stretches specifically for your sciatic pain

  • Look into your diet and lifestyle to suggest changes you may benefit from

  • Discuss a treatment plan tailored to your condition

  • Work and communicate with your primary healthcare practitioner and other alternative practitioners you are seeing to assist your condition as much as possible naturally, and to reduce dependence on painkillers as your condition improves.

How to prepare for your appointment

  1. Let your primary healthcare practitioner know that you would like to try acupuncture for your condition.

  2. If possible, ask them for a referral letter about your condition and the treatments you have been having - including medication. This is so that we can have the most accurate information about you.

  3. Bring in any medical tests, scans and results.

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