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Why you may consider Chinese Medicine.

Western Medical Approach

  • Doctors of Western medicine focus on medical test results, numbers on vital signs and signs of the complaining disease.

  • Diseases are regarded as something that a patient has.

  • Treatments usually aim the problem symptoms or source of disease directly.

  • Doctors of Western medicine might treat two patients with the same illness in the same way.

  • The most popular consultation length was 10 minutes according to a research.

  • Although Western medicine is considered scientific medicine due to development based on research results, the time period of research is quite short (in comparison to thousands of years of clinical experience and trials in oriental medicine), and often produce contradicting results and conclusions in relation to health.

  • An example is the recent studies on coffee (you probably saw in the news, I know!!), which apparently reported that more than six cups of coffee per day is beneficial for your health.​​

​Eastern Medical Approach

  • Doctors of Oriental medicine focus on whole person including physical problems, all aspects of physical conditions, constitution, lifestyle, diet, stress level and spiritual state to find out the root cause of the problem.

  • Diseases are regarded as something that the patient is and an imbalance in the patient’s existence.

  • Treatments are targeted at increasing one’s ability to combat all the disorders and to help patients to restore and retain balance in their body.

  • Doctors of Oriental medicine would treat each patient with the same complaint differently according to the state of imbalance the patient has.

  • Once the cause of the problem is discovered, specific acupuncture points are stimulated or customised herbal medicine is prescribed to adjust various biochemical and physiological conditions in order to balance the mind and body to bring you back to prime condition.

  • At least 30 minutes consultation and treatment time and up to 1 and a half hour to examine and treat the whole person.​

MOST IMPORTANTLY there is no such treatment as ‘one size fits all' for all patients with the same disease in Oriental medicine and you would be treated as an individual.

If you love your body, and want to look at health long-term, then Eastern medicine may be for you.

Don't wait. Start today.

Healing Tree x

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