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Do what you love again

with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine on the Central Coast

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Have you tried various treatments but still have niggling symptoms affecting your quality of life?

At Healing Tree Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Central Coast, we understand the impact that pain and other medical conditions can have on your day-to-day life.

We are committed to providing natural, non-debilitating and professional treatments through acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice that are individualised to your specific health needs. We promote good health and wellbeing. Want to give it a go?  Call 
us on (02) 4311 5022 to schedule your initial examination.

Clients visit us at Healing Tree for:

  • Menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, night sweats, excessive sweating, mood swings, fatigue, fluid retention, brain fog, low motivation, weight gain, aches and pains)

  • Urogenital issues (overly frequent urination, very urgent urination, urination at night/nocturia, incontinence, recurrent infections, pain, itching)

  • Sinus problems (sinusitis, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis or hay fever)

  • Digestive and Metabolic issues (bloating, leaky gut, IBS, Crohn's disease, reflux, indigestion, diabetes, weight loss, constipation, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids etc.)

womens health - menopause natural treatm
  • Symptoms and stresses of Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy (pain syndromes, insomnia, anxiety, digestive complaints, nausea, emesis, fatigue, hot flushes)

  • Sleep issues (insomnia, disturbed sleep, broken sleep)

  • Psycho-emotional issues (stress, anxiety, depression, nervousness)

  • Detox Program and Symptoms related to parasitic, viral or bacterial overgrowth (digestive issues, bowel issues, urinary issues, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, muscle weakness, poor immunity, unexplained aches and pains)

  • Neurological conditions (migraines, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, Meniere's disease etc.)

  • Women's health (PCOS, endometriosis, period pain, irregular period, PMS, pregnancy, post-partum care etc.)

  • Fertility problems for both men and women (Natural conception and IVF support)

  • Heart and Circulation issues (high blood pressure/cholesterol, cold hands and feet, numbness, neuropathy) 

  • Skin conditions (acne, eczema, dermatitis, skin rashes)

  • Musculoskeletal issues  (neck, shoulder, elbow, back and knee pain, sciatic pain, bulging discs, TMJ, arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia)

  • General Health and Well Being 

We are proud to be members of

ahpra healing tree registered practition
anta healing tree registered practitione
aacma healing tree registered practition

Experience total and holistic care

Feel totally relaxed during your treatment

Learn how your system operates as a whole being

Discuss and manage your whole body and symptoms

Feel the effects and goodness of the treatments globally

Not a mask or band-aid approach

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Serving clients on the Central Coast including Gosford, Erina, Green Point, Springfield, Empire Bay, Kincumber, Terrigal, Wamberal, Tumbi Umbi, Avoca, Bateau Bay, Tascott, Woy Woy, Wyoming, Lisarow and surrounds! Acupuncture Central Coast, 

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