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How to supercharge your probiotic and enzyme supplements!

In our bodies, there's a special team working to keep us healthy: Good Bacteria and Enzymes. Think of Good Bacteria like tiny helpers living in our gut. They keep our digestive system healthy and fight off or balance the bad bacteria. Then, there are Enzymes, like little workers that break down the food we eat so our body can use it properly.

These two work together like best friends. Good Bacteria sometimes make special Enzymes to help break down tough parts of our food. This teamwork makes sure we get all the good stuff from what we eat and keeps our gut healthy.

Many people take supplements of these helpers to boost their health. But, there's a catch. Our body needs to be at the right temperature (about 37 degrees Celsius) for these helpers to work their best. If our lifestyle makes our body too cold, taking these supplements might not help much.

So, to really get the benefits, we should not only take these supplements but also live in a way that keeps our body at the right temperature. This means eating right, staying active, and avoiding things that make us too cold. When we do all this, Good Bacteria and Enzymes can do their job best, and we stay healthier.

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