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37 degrees: The magic number for health

Body temperature can be seen as the wizard of health. Our body's normal temperature is like a magical number, 37°C, and the reasons behind it are quite fascinating. At this temperature, our body's enzymes work most energetically. Enzymes act like little factories, producing energy in our bodies and promoting metabolism. When enzymes work diligently, our body becomes full of energy, and our immune system becomes robust.

Moreover, the enzymes in the food we eat also thrive at 37°C. Maintaining this temperature promotes active blood circulation, muscle contraction and relaxation, allowing each organ in our body to function effectively.

An interesting fact is that even a slight change in body temperature can have a big impact on our bodies. For example, if the body temperature drops by just 1°C, our immune system weakens by 30%. Conversely, if the body temperature increases by 1°C, the immune system strengthens fivefold. It's truly remarkable!

Keeping the belly warm, especially, is good for gut health. When the belly is warm, beneficial bacteria in the gut become active, digestion works well, and the immune system gets stronger.

On the other hand, cancer cells seem to prefer a slightly lower temperature, around 35°C. When the body temperature drops, the immune system weakens, making it easier for cancer cells to multiply. So, it's crucial to consistently maintain a warm body temperature.

Recent research suggests that the average body temperature of modern individuals has slightly decreased compared to our ancestors. This highlights how our lifestyles influence our health over time. Therefore, managing our body's magical temperature is essential for a healthy life!

Did you know that getting acupuncture helps increase circulation, and therefore helps to maintain good body temperature? Call now to schedule your initial examination today!

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