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Time for Tea

That time of year is here. You know what we mean - no, not the EOFY but the one scarier than that.Winter.

When winter arrives, most of us think about how to stay warm and live through it while maintaining good health. Especially those who have cold hands and feet, or women who suffer from more intense period pains during the colder months.

In Oriental Medicine, one of the crucial lifestyle advice we give to our patients is to drink lots of tea. It’s a natural response normally anyway, but what makes our advice so special is that we recommend lots of tea made from ingredients that have a warming property in Oriental Medicine.

Although this may not be as effective as your individualised herbal prescription after a consultation with us, you will feel your body start to become warmer and better if you make this into a habit.

There are many Oriental herbal teas which have been loved by many many people over thousands of years, but today we will introduce ones that are easy to find in Australia.

Tea number 1: Cinnamon Tea

Prevents the body from stiffening up due to the cold, and improves peripheral circulation to combat cold hands and feet. How to make: 1 tsp of cinnamon powder + 1-2 tsp of honey + hot water

Tea number 2: Ginger Tea

Warms the body, alleviates nausea and coughing.

How to make: Wash 200g of fresh ginger, peel the outer skin and slice into thin pieces. Add 2L and boil for 20 minutes, then remove the ginger.

Tea number 3: Tumeric Tea

Resolves blood stagnation to stop pain, warms the body and improves circulation.

How to make: 200mL of hot water + 0.5 - 1 tsp of tumeric powder in a cup and mix well. Add lemon or honey for better taste.

Important Note

Everyone has different constitutions, therefore these teas are not a one size fits all, especially according to Oriental Medicine. If you feel uncomfortable after drinking any of these teas, it may not be for you. Try another one, or consult your nearest Oriental medicine clinic.

With love, Healing Tree xx

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