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Winter Foods for your Health

In Oriental Medicine, all foods including herbs are divided into either warm, neutral or cold property categories. These categories were developed from long trials and observations of the effects of food and herbs on the body by great Oriental herbalists and practitioners who were very observant and mindful.

Foods with a warm nature promotes strong metabolism and good circulation, as anything warm causes movement and good flow in Eastern medicine. Therefore, if you get into the habit of eating warm-natured foods, it can help you to stay strong and warm during the winter, and prevent injury due to stiffness from the cold. Also, by boosting your metabolism, you may also find that it can help maintain a good weight, especially good if you are trying to lose weight.

We recommend in particular to start your morning with warm-natured foods. However, you can’t always eat warm-natured foods, so we suggest to have a warm (temperature-wise) breakfast by cooking your food, which can neutralise cold-natured foods. How about starting the day with a toasty bowl of oatmeal porridge or soup instead of cold milk and cereal, to warm your frozen body and soul? Sounds great already!

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Healing Tree Approved Winter Recipes!

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